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Malia B Fragrance Oils

Are you looking for a new fragrance for yourself or maybe a gift for someone on your holiday list? I recommend some new perfumes I’ve been using from Malia B. These are fresh, light, nature inspired scents blended in Santa Barbara, CA by perfumer Sharon Bolton. Malia B is a cruelty free line that’s also earth conscious.

The line consists of three different scents that retail for $38 – $40 each for a 1/8 ounce roll-on perfume oil.

Luv has notes of white flowers, gardenia and vanilla

Soul has notes of pineapple, papaya and coconut.

Malia combines orange and jasmine with a fresh top green note.

Malia B perfumes uses minimal packaging. It’s all handmade using post-consumer materials and is embedded with wildflower seeds that can be planted in a pot or soil. The seeds grow and the paper composts away so there’s absolutely no waste. The glass used is recyclable. The perfumes are phthalate, paraben and sulphate free.

Malia B products are available in a few select locations throughout the US. However, I recommend you order directly from their website. They offer samples for $2 each as well if you can’t decide.


These perfumes are beautiful, light and refreshing. My favorite scent is Soul. A small amount goes a long way and truly lasts all day on me. I prefer to dab or roll these scents on pulse spots (inside wrist and elbow, at temples, and behind the ears). I find myself smelling my wrists throughout the day just to get another good whiff. LOL! I recommend you give these perfumes a try.


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