Happy Earth Day

Malia B's simplistic packaging is embedded with wildflowers. Plant it and all that you get is wildflowers to enjoy! Happy Earth Day

Luvin' Malia :)

Hearing this never gets old....Luv making people happy! I have worn Sharon Bolton's Luv for a very long time. It has been my signature fragrance. Just recently, I ordered Malia B's newest fragrance, Malia. WOW!! Would I be a traitor if I said I loved it more than Luv? I think I have now found a new signature fragrance. ~ Debbie J., Atlanta, GA

National Pet Day

Happy National Pet Day....here are our two! #NationalPetDay #Unconditionallove Taylor and Calie

Malia B. is here

Just in time for all Spring has to offer......our new scent Malia. Malia 1/8 perfume roll on Jasmine and orange with a fresh, top green note.

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